Do You Know Your Family History? Discover it Using These Tips

Overview :

Have you ever wondered about your heritage or ancestry? If so, you’re not alone. Research shows that 78 percent of Americans are interested in discovering their family history.

If you’re ready to uncover the hidden treasures of your family tree, there’s no time like the present to unearth the past., a Web site that specializes in aggregating historical records, offers these tips:

– Start with what you know. The best place to start your family history journey is with information you already have. Write down what you know about your ancestors, and talk to family members.

– Organize your family tree. Organizing your family tree can seem daunting, but software or the Internet can streamline the process. Programs such as Family Tree Maker make it easy to organize and update your family history.

– Decide which ancestor or branch of your tree you want to research. Once you have organized your family tree, decide what direction you would like to take your research. Which ancestor have you always wanted to know more about? Which branch of your family tree has gaps in it? Are there any family mysteries you would like to solve?

– Search family history records. Researching your family history has never been easier. With sites like, which houses 8 billion historical records online, a simple online search can help you find family members in historical censuses, military and immigration records and old newspaper articles. Use these records to trace your family history.

– Connect with others researching their family history. Family history is a growing hobby, and several Web sites offer message boards where users post questions and offer advice. Lots of people with experience in family history are happy to offer free advice and help, and who knows, you might even connect with a distant cousin.


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