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Content writing is the need of everyone who is working online. Name them as blogger, web developer, Website owners, webmasters, content creators, Editors, Freelancers, SME (small medium enterprise) etc. It is a low budget solution for all those who want to save their time & money. Blog writing execution takes less time and therefore, you get quick delivery of the content.

Ask Yourself

Qn.  How frequently do you update your website/blog content? Last time when you updated your content?

Ans.  If there is an interval of more than a week updating your website/blog content, this service is meant for you.

Note:  A case study reveals that regular content updates on a website/blog enhance SEO output and increase SERP ranking.

Combo Pack
$49 per month
billed monthly

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    Blog Writing Service With SEO Complementary

    Blog writing service is designed to help you get the unique content within your budget. This service is a perfect match if you are looking for good quality content for your websites & blogs. And is the best fit for those who want to enhance their organic traffic via Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content. We embed your desired keywords in the content and follow search engines guidelines to create SEO-friendly backlinks. You just need to provide us the referral links that you want us to rewrite. And we will create the new fresh content out of it without any duplicacy. We specialize in blog writing and guarantee the removal of plagiarized content.

    What’s Included

    Unique Content
    100% Plagiarism Free unique content. Copyscape Verified.
    SEO friendly
    Using keywords in Blog writing
    Easy to understand without any complexity
    Fast delivery
    Delivered within minimum turn around time (TAT)
    All Rights Transferred To You after your Blog writing
    Manual proofreading by our in-house team
    Two revisions are allowed at drafting stage.
    100% confidentiality and privacy ensured.
    White label (you can put your logo) in excel format. Easy to download
    Refund policy
    100% Refund in first 3 hours window. Read FAQ for more details

    How it works

    Quick Tips

    1. A website/blog having less content or require updating their content regularly must try this blog writing service.
    2. Manual proof-reading is always better than using automated content spinning software to avoid meaningless paraphrasing mistakes.
    3. A good quality content is an integral part of an op page/off page SEO strategy and keywords optimization for good organic search results
    4. Do not adopt any tactics to gain short term ranking for your websites/Blogs as it may have an adverse effect on your SERP (Search Engine Result Page)
    5. SEO enhances your website/blog visibility and lets potential customers find your product & services. It builds Trust & Credibility of your website & blog.
    Combo Pack
    $49 per month
    billed monthly

      Have Questions?

      Most Affordable Price

      A bundle deal of content writing, backlinks, and SEO at an affordable price.

      What We Do

      All In One Service

      We use a combination and ensure content is well written with relevant keywords.
      Blog Writing

      We research keywords and write unique content for your websites & Blogs. We Provide 100% Plagiarism Free quality content

      Backlinks Generation

      We generate high-quality backlinks to jump your website/Blog high in the rankings and getting more organic traffic.

      Complementary SEO

      We associate your website/Blog content with backlinks and optimize the content to improve position in search results.

      Complementary SEO

      SEO is complementary with Blog writing and Backlink Generation services

      Keyword Research

      It is a fundamental task of SEO. We write the quality content for your website when we get to know what people search for your services. There must be some high demanding keywords among your competitors. A good keyword research identify good keywords for higher ranking.

      SERP Analysis

      Search Engine Results Pages are also known as SERP. It includes organic search results and paid results both. Your website content should match with the relevant keywords that people search online. We do this analysis for you and create that optimized piece of content.

      On-Page SEO

      It starts with writing good Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content. Foundation of On-page SEO is using keywords in your page title and in web page content. Then, optimizing the meta description with relevant keywords. H1, H2, H3 tags are of great value than just decoration.

      Off Page SEO

      Off-Page SEO executes off your website, such as getting backlinks from another website is a classical example of Off-Page SEO. The number and the qualitiy of backlinks help to improve ranking among search engines. Backlinks Anchor Text is also a part of Off-Page Strategy.

      Knowledgebase Sharing

      We guide our clients to cross check the monthly progress reports on reputed SEO software for their confidence.
      And if you have an in-house team, we will provide them technical training to manage routine SEO on their own.

      Reseller Program: We provide white label solution that gives you an edge to resell these services at your own price by your name. We welcome:

      ✓ Website Designers and Developers who want to be a part of Digital Marketing Industry.

      ✓ SEO and Digital Marketing professionals who wish to improve their customers site rankings in search results

      ✓ Freelancers/Bloggers/Work from home people who have the visitors and wish to have a confirmed source of income

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        Note: : If your primary objective is to get Sales Leads, We suggest you to have Ads Budget (minimum $5 per day) for the sponsored Ads. For more information, Schedule an online meeting.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q. What is Blog Writing ?

        A blog is a webpage where posts, articles, news are regularly posted. And Blog writing is an informative form of writing use to express views on a certain topic & niche like travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, health, education etc. We do blog writing for individuals and companies for their different objectives. For example, companies use blog writing to promote their products/services and individuals use it for affiliate marketing.

        Q. Who needs Blog writing ?

        Content writing is the need of everyone who is working online. Name them as blogger, web developer, Website owners, webmasters, content creators, Editors, Freelancers, SME (small medium enterprise) etc. It is a low budget solution for all those who want to save their time & money. Blog writing execution takes less time and therefore, you get quick delivery of the content.

        Q. Is Blog writing good for SEO ?

        Yes. Blog writing is good for SEO. Reason being, every piece of written content is Search engine optimized by following all the terms defined by major search engines. Blog writing also focuses on primary and secondary keywords embedded in the content. And most importantly, the written content is plagiarism free and crosschecked its duplicacy with Copyscape.

        Q. What about content confidentiality ?

        We have very strict privacy policy in place. We do not share data with third party except our technology partners like cloud server etc where data is residing for execution and streamline the work flow. We remove system cache at regular interval of time to maintain the content confidentiality. Your information is secured with us. For more information on content confidentiality, please read our privacy policy.

        Q. How long does it take to write my blog content ?

        We execute blog writing work within turnaround time defined. You can select the TAT (turnaround time) while placing order. Standard delivery time is 5 to 7 days and urgent/priority order deliver within 48 hours. An additional charge would be there for urgent order.

        Q. What Payment options do you accept ?

        All major Debit and Credit cards are accepted.

        Note: For customers from India, recurring payments (auto swipe) not allowed via debit/credit card

        Q. Do you write academic/technical documents ?

        No. Because it is hard to identify who owns the rights of original content and published data. We request you not to place any such orders.

        Q. Do you offer refunds ?

        Sorry. We do not offer refunds because of the nature of the content management business. Our man hours consumed on project execution do not allow it. There is a reserved period where you have 3 hours time to cancel the subscription after placing your online order and get your refund. If it goes beyond three hours, order cannot be cancelled. 

        Q. What is the cancellation Policy ?

        You have 3 hours time to cancel it after placing your online order. If it goes beyond three hours, order cannot be cancelled. The reason is; all orders reach to operations department for execution within three hours where writers’ team start working on it. And it’s all happened in these three hours, so first three hours give you a window to cancel the order. You will get 100% refund once order gets cancelled. Refund processing time depends on Payment Gateway.

        Q. What If I’m not satisfied ?

        We give 2 revisions where you can ask for the changes in the written content. Still if you do not like our services for any good reason and want to cancel your subscription, draft an email to [email protected] and we will cancel your subscription. Your billing will stop from the next month onwards.

        Q. IS there any restriction of content ?

        We do not run any campaign which is not compliant with search engines policy in that particular country, region or niche. Apart from, we do not promote the prohibited content that is listed in our Terms of service like alcohol, drugs, porn, political matters etc.

        Q. Do you provide White label to digital marketing and advertising agencies ?

        Yes. We do provide white label solutions to digital marketing and advertising agencies. We do not put our logo or any branding in reports. You are free to customize reports with your own brand name and logos to give it to your clients.

        Q. What is website traffic and is it Adsense safe ?

        Website traffic is automated traffic. The traffic looks like real humans but doesn’t go for buying. Increased traffic on websites is very much helpful to gain the ranking. You can cross check this website traffic in your Google Analytics And yes, it is safe for Adsense. This traffic avoids clicking on ads and therefore, doesn’t violate any policy.

        Q. Will you do the SEO of our entire website/Blog ?

        We do the complementary SEO of the content written by us (not of your website/blog pages). We deliver the written content with embedded keywords, title tags and description. You need to update the content/tags on your website/blog on your own. If you want us to setup SEO & manage your website/blog, you should buy our Blog Management service $299 per month. For more information, Schedule an online meeting

        Q. What if we would like to have more written articles, more backlinks and more traffic per month ?

        At present we offer only one combo pack of $49 to choose from. If you would like to have more written articles, more backlinks and more website traffic, please forward your requirement to [email protected]

        Q. What is Self Managed/Fully Managed Service?

        In Self Managed Service. we do the complementary SEO and deliver the optimized pages tags & description to you and you have to setup those tags on your website/blog pages on your own.

        In Fully Managed Service, We do the complementary SEO and do all the necessary technical SEO setup on your website/blog. Fully Managed Service price starts from $299 per month.

        Q. Is there any contract period need to sign ?

        There is no contract period. We do not believe in any bondation. Our work philosophy is to give freedom to clients and stay transparent in performance reports.

        Q. How this service is different ?

        We guide and support all our users to be self-educated. We conduct online & offline workshops on SEO Tips where we share our methodology and literate the users, how they can cross check the progress reports of their website on their own. We believe in knowledge sharing as wisdom is a precious gift by God to human beings. And this draws a line of difference 🙂

        Q. Do you offer any discount ?

        Yes. We are running a discount. The original price of this service is $79 and we are giving it at a discounted price of $49. This is a limited period offer. Refer this service in your network and get 100% discount on the first month service fee.

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        We have served Private and Government Sector clients coming from different verticals

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