Refund Policy


Refunds would be processed only in the condition where not been able to complete the ChatBots Development or Promotion service for an applicant. We at take the initiative to communicate such conditions with applicants that for a reason, ChatBots development or promotion process is not been able to complete and we are processing their refund. process the refunds either by same mode in which payment has received or check/demand draft issued in the name of applicant who place the order. Taking in to the consideration that all sales & orders made on the website are final and services are non-transferable. Refunds requests on others / someone else behalf would not be entertained.

Refund process might take 7 to 21 working days time where payments have been made via online channels like credit card / debit card / net banking etc. As and when we receive your refund request, we forward it to the payment gateways. Payment Gateways verify the requests to avoid any fraudulent activity and once get satisfied, revert the amount to the cardholder. We at makes it clear here that we do not entertain any credit card / online transaction charge backs.

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