Backlink Indexing Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) new ver 2.0


Overview :

Backlink indexing made for startups, small, medium, big, and every size of the organization. Also works great for bloggers, freelancers & professionals. Its Geolocalize indexing gives the freedom to choose the location for website/blog global & local promotion. Some of its great features are:

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Unique Advantage

Our in-house team of content writers will write the articles (from 1000 words to 30000 words content, depending upon your backlinks order) and our system generates backlinks with that written content. We advise all our readers to avoid spinning junk content as it may harm your website/blog authenticity among search engines. It is a good practice to write original content. Our strategy to build quality backlinks with content publishing is shown here:

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Why Need To Buy?

You can index your Web site’s Or Blog URL or your backlinks very fast and easily. Do you know that almost 50% of backlinks on the website or blog remain uncrawled because of not getting indexed on search engines? This is one of the major reasons why some SEO campaigns don’t give the desired results. If you are an SEO or digital marketing company and wish to get the maximum results from your campaign, you must try using our Backlink Indexing Service. Click here to know more about Backlink

1.) Enhance Organic Search via keywords promotion

Organic search increases when a website found on search engines on the basis of keywords used by an end-user to conduct a search. It means keywords promotion is the secret for high performing campaigns. Our Geolocalize service, submit your website & its keywords from 100+ different geolocations. By virtue of which, your website’s organic search enhances along with direct search.

2.) Link Building & Fast Indexing

This service is very much useful for getting indexed faster than the normal course. You need not to wait for the search engines’ crawlers to perform indexing naturally. This Turtle service automatically starts indexing your backlinks URLs as and when they generate.

3.) Improve Ranking

Do you know what actually happened when you pinged (ping submission for the content update, ping-test for monitoring) your Blog/Website URL? Search Engines/Directories crawlers and indexers visit your Blog/Website URL for the content & specified keywords. They run their algorithm to rank your page accordingly. Ping submission is an integrated part of the Turtle Pack.

4.) 100% Safe

We are transparent in our work and fully compliant with the terms & conditions set by search engines like Google. We do not adopt any tactics to gain short-term ranking for our customers as it may have an adverse effect on search results.

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How Does It Work?

1.) XML-RPC Request

Here, at botpanels, we use the XML-RPC method to ping the search engines. In XML-RPC, a client performs an RPC (remote procedure call) by sending an HTTP request to a server that implements XML-RPC and receives the HTTP response. A call can have multiple parameters and one result. If you want to ping your website or blog, you just need to put your website/blog URL and then simply click on the submit button to start the Pinging process. You can monitor and see the progress live. The entire procedure takes only a few seconds to complete the ping.

Example: XML-RPC request

<?xml version=”1.0″?>

2.) VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN setup & infrastructure is required to conduct a Geolocalize search of a website from different locations (countries, cities, or a particular area) of the world. Virtual Private Network ensures privacy and security over the Internet by encrypting data. VPN server locations play an important role to reach the audience of that region. We at botpanels growing our network to reach the maximum locations of the world.

Count Working Proofs

  • We deliver the list of keywords used.
  • We deliver the list of backlinks generated.
  • We deliver the list of Pinging server URLs.

backlink indexing


Footer Note: If you’re looking for thousands of Spammy links and fast overnight results, then this service is not for you. This turtle pack justifies the famous quote, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”. It takes one or two months’ average time to start showing organic results on search engines. There is no long-term contract. You are free to cancel the subscription if you are not satisfied with the performance. We always welcome your queries & feedback.