What Are Chat Bot Platforms Free Guide 1.0


Overview :


chatbot Platforms are convenient tools that help to simplify the development & maintenance of Artificial Intelligent chatbots. There is a large range of Artificial Intelligent chatbot platforms available in the market. These AI chatbot platforms generally include a ready-made user interface to help you develop and also personalize appropriate chatbots for your audience. These platforms are cost-effective and can work round the clock without any human intervention.

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Easy Graphics User Interface (GUI)

A graphical user interface (GUI) is an integral part of every Chatbot Platform used by the chatbot designer and end-user. A visual, drag-and-drop style user interface also makes the chatbot platform easier for users to write a dialogue workflow or update an answer in the chatbot.

Why are chatbot platforms important ?

1. Chatbot platforms provide widgets (tools) to create AI Chatbots.
2. Chatbot Platforms are able to deploy on different messengers.
3. Chatbot Platforms are helpful to analyze chatbot marketing strategy.
4. Chatbot platforms simplify omnichannel marketing efforts for businesses.

What are different types of chatbot platforms ?

1. Chatbot platforms where minimal programming is required to build chatbots.
2. Chatbot Platforms where Chatbots are built by Application Programming Interface (API)

How to select a Chatbot Platform ?

1. on the basis of Graphical User Interface (GUI)
2. on the basis of Widgets and easy to use toolkits
3. On the basis of Automation and Artificial Intelligence
4. On the basis of Multiple Language Services and support
5. On the basis of Multiple communication channels provided
6. On the basis of chatbot integration like on web & mobile
7. On the basis of the Pricing plan offered, especially Free Plan

What are the features of ChatBot Platforms ?

1. Encrypted Cloud-based storage and service.
2. Conversational workflow and response system
3. A/B Testing with customer engagement in real-time
4. Tracking and measure ROI with powerful analytics
5. Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interact as a human being
6. Machine Learning (ML) in real-time contexts and conversations
7. Chatbot integrations enable communication from web and mobile
8. Support multiple languages as a part of the internationalization
9. Sending pre-defined messages to the audience at regular interval
10. Collect user data and information with payment gateway integration

What are the benefits of ChatBot Platforms ?

1. Easy to use and easy to access information
2. Workflow diagrams and dialogues are easy to implement
3. Advance communication that empowers customer engagement
4. Chatbot platforms are cost-effective and increase conversion
5. There is no boundary of language and region for a chatbot platform
6. Chatbot Platform is a great example of AI and SAS (Software As Service)
7. Chatbot Platform reduce customer support cost and therefore increase profit

What are the best examples of Chatbot Platforms ?