What Are Chat Bots And How Do They Work Free Guide 1.0

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What are chat bots and how do they work ?

ChatBots are computer programs that simulate conversation with users through text messages or audio. In simple words, Chat bots are Simple Artificial Intelligent (AI) programs that can reply to simple queries from your audiences like an interactive FAQ or conversation. ChatBots following a set of predefined rules, useful for answering basic questions automatically.

What platforms do ChatBots live on?

The most Popular chatbots platforms are Facebook Messenger and slack. But Chatbots can even be deployed on plain web sites from scratch. Chatbots can practically live in every communication platform, like messenger, telegram, SlackHQ, Drift, etc.

What are some examples where ChatBots could be of great use ?

chatbots can be used to teach foreign languages/simulate text messages. It is a fun experience and a great application of Chatbots. customer service, product info, scoring, feedback systems, travel bookings, audio accessible systems are some other great areas of Chatbots working. Customer service or simply anything that can be automated like FAQ answering, registering for some stuff, etc

Are chat bots a fleeting trend or the future of communication?

Chatbots are becoming a new user interface of communication, much like web or mobile. Chatbots are here to stay in the future for a long time, especially the voice-based ones. we need to find some more intelligent ways to use them or it will move like a trend. Chatbots are not going to replace humans but they are the future of customer service.

How to build your own messenger chatbot ?

You don’t need to have programming skills to build a chatbot. There are a number of services that allow you to build your own chatbot, no Programming background required. A lot of these tools are as easy to set up as steps one-two-three:

1. Chatfuel
2. Mobile Monkey
3. FlowXO

Quick Tips for Your Chatbot Marketing Strategy ?

1. Research your most frequently asked questions
2. Building the conversation flows for every possible option.
3. Avoid open-ended conversations as Open-ended conversations can lead to confusion for your chatbot.
4. Let your audience know that a human is just a step away. There are consumers who still prefer email or telephonic support.
5. Give your Chatbot a voice and letting people know they’re talking with a bot. The Voice and tone of your chatbot can match with your Brand.

6. Track the effectiveness of your Chatbot with measurable links and codes.
7. Replace your email newsletters with chatbot newsletters for an advanced level of communication.
8. Send simple surveys built on chatbot platforms to your contacts to know their feedback and suggestions.
9. Enrich your Chatbot with data and personalization to give a personal feeling to your customers.
10. Promote your chatbot so that people know you have one. Advertise and Mention your Chatbot in all your customer support channels

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Chatbot ?

1. You Want Your Business to Always be Open 24×7
2. You Can Build Trust by Answering Frequently Asked Questions
3. You Want to Scale-up Your products & services to the next level
4. You Want Your Customers to Find the Right Products and Services
5. You Want to Target Generation that depends on digital technology
6. You Want Better User Interaction that can engage your customers
7. More Affordable than an app. An App requires a lot of time for development.


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